The Women Workers’ War

  • Country: Italy

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  • Release Date: 2 July 2013
  • Duration: 1 hours 20 minutes
  • Writers: Gaia Capurso, Maurizio Di Loreti
  • Director: Massimo Ferrari
  • Actors: Rosa Emilia Giancola, Margaret Dogliani
  • Language: Italian, English subtitles

The Plot

A real story of two women who have acted in a virtuous way during the economic and moral crisis that we are experiencing. ROSA is a factory worker in Latina and leads 28 of her colleagues in an active and civil resistance occupying the factory (550 days) after receiving letters of redundancy. We filmed the lives of these women from inside the factory. Rosa kept a diary of this occupation on Facebook, a sort of logbook from the Titanic in which they seemed to be sailing over the last few years. and she has been invited onto a number of Italian TV shows. The other special woman is Margherita, the owner of a biscuits factory in Carrara, who decided to use a different entrepreneurial model based on a civil relationship with employees. These two women meet, first on Facebook and then each one visits the factory of the other and imagine a new possible land.

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