The Badge

  • Country: Canada

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  • Release Date: 1 March 2015
  • Duration: 1 hours 31 minutes
  • Writers: Maxime Laferriere, Maxime Laferriere
  • Director: Joseph Antoine Clavet
  • Actors: Vincent Leclerc, Maxime Laferriere, Gilles Plouffe
  • Language: English
  • Official site:

The Plot

In a corrupted city, where everyone fights to get what is theirs, two cops do their job in their own way. Vince McKinley, smart and righteous, and Martin Goulet, impulsive and reckless, get assigned a very important case: evidence from their own precinct has been disappearing for some time and no one knew about it. It almost sounds like it was an inside job, which is why Internal Affairs participates in solving the case, investigating on who they want; trying to find a suspect within the precinct’s walls. Sarah Richards, is the I.A. agent, who, during the investigation, develops an attraction for the 22nd precinct’s famous detective, Vince.

When evidence begins to emerges that a cop might be the one responsible for the theft, Martin feels the walls closing in on him because of his old relationship with the local crime circuit: he could be the primary suspect in the investigation, even Vince starts to doubt his partner.

As dangerous mob boss Nicolas Harisson tries to unload the evidence, the “Ghost” is getting impatient on getting his money. Who is he? Who is trustable?

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