• Release Date: 11 November 2005
  • Duration: 1 hours 20 minutes
  • Director: Jim Donovan
  • Actors: Laura Jordan, Gianpaolo Venuta, Karen Simpson
  • Language: English

The Plot

Misha is a street smart and sharp-witted girl on the rebound from a trek through the club underworld.  After some time searching for direction in the suburbs and trying to get by with a deadbeat job, she is set on going back to school and changing her life.  She hooks up with Josh, a sweet, sensitive and offbeat type – with a secret.  “My mind plays tricks on me sometimes,” he tells her.  Intrigued, she brings him along to Montreal to find an apartment, register for classes, and maybe a little more.

Once in the city, Misha slowly falls back into her old ways.  Maybe its because she didn’t get a quarter of the grant money she was expecting to go to university.  Maybe it’s seeing her best friend Angie, a die-hard clubber who wants to share the apartment with her.  Maybe it’s hooking up with Ricky, Angie’s heart broken ex-boyfriend.  Or maybe it’s seeing Sam, top-dog club promoter and ex-flame. Whatever…

When class registration doesn’t quite go as planned, a disheartened Misha sets her sights on Sam. Josh’s feelings for her spin out of control.  Misha unwittingly finds herself having to choose in life, love and destiny.  Can she follow her heart and choose what’s best for her?

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