My Guys

  • Country: Canada

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  • Release Date: 4 March 2014
  • Duration: 1 hours 21 minutes
  • Writers: Joseph Antaki
  • Director: Joseph Antaki
  • Actors: Kendall Savage, Catherine Castellucci, Adrien Benn
  • Language: English

The Plot

MY GUYS is a light-hearted comedy revolving around the trials and tribulations of Georgette and her entourage of gay men. This twenty-nine year old, full figured waitress is rather content with her lot until an unwelcomed guest blows her little world to pieces. Enter Janine Theresa Douglas directly from the pages of a fashion magazine. She is tall, skinny and loves to drink…the ideal woman! And she wants Georgette’s guys, but Georgette doesn’t take the challenge lying down. She hatches a plan to rid herself of this interloper, but the outcome is not necessarily the one Georgette had anticipated…

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