Jack & Ella

  • Release Date: June 2002
  • Duration: 1 hours 37 minutes
  • Director: Brenda Keesal
  • Actors: Henri Pardo, Amy Sloan, Naomi Levine
  • Language: English

The Plot

A black man and a Jewish woman crash into each other. With the help of an eccentric decorator, they move into a suburban dream house where their personal dramas unfold. Not only are they confronted by their troubled pasts, they become the center of their new neighbours’ love-starved lives. Repressed hysteria, booze and an all-night party push every one of them to a climax of truth, hope and liberation.

A jam-packed emotional-action film, JACK & ELLA combines social, racial, and historical issues with a tender love story and tragi-comic characters in a vivid, urban fable for all times.

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