Cowardice (La Lâcheté)

  • Country: Canada

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  • Release Date: 1 April 2007
  • Duration: 1 hours 42 minutes
  • Writers: Marc Bisaillon
  • Director: Marc Bisaillon
  • Actors: Denis Trudel, Hélène Florent, Geneviève Rioux
  • Language: French, English

The Plot

Cowardice (La Lâcheté) is a psychological thriller that tells the sordid love story between Conrad, an unhappily married gravedigger, and Madeleine, a prostitute who dreams of a better life.  Obsessed by Madeleine, Conrad becomes deeply conflicted when he learns that she is planning, with her pimp, the kidnapping of a young girl from a rich family.  The plan goes sour and Conrad realizes that his mistress has taken care that all the evidence leads to the cemetery where he works. Despite this, his love for her is too strong. Paralyzed, he becomes accessory to a crime he never could have imagined.  Abandoned by his family, deceived by Madeleine, disgusted with the ease of his complicity, how far will Conrad go to free himself from the self-loathing that is destroying his soul?  Loosely based on a true story that shocked Canadians in the early 1960s, La Lâcheté shows how a man, who could have had a quiet life, slowly spirals into madness, imprisoned by his lack of courage and the remorse that overwhelms him.

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